Why I refused to attend graduation and other mentally ill things

It started when my mental illness really did everything in its power to throw wrenches in my gears: it would not allow my study, my focus waned quickly, my patience wore very thin...

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Knock knock. Who’s there? It’s your Thoughts.

It's 8 am and you need to take a shower. But the curtain isn't closed. Why? There's someone there. There's someone who will kill you. You're not safe in a shower. Don't close your eyes for too long. Open the curtain. Open the curtain. Someone there. Open the curtain. You open the curtain. It feels good for a second. Then the thoughts roll in again: if you close your eyes then...

Learning from my mistakes (part deux)

In my last blog, I spoke about my experiences with graduation and how my mental illness (in what I perceived) got in the way of enjoying my chance at a higher education. Here I'm going to talk about what to learn from my "mistakes" and what you could possibly do to embrace the madness.

Going home.

She had nowhere to go, no one to talk to, nothing to do; the window offered her some sort of peace that I couldn’t offer. She was drawn back to the chair, her elbow resting on the sill of the window and her eyes vaguely scanning the empty grass fields.

Sorry there's been nothing but radio silence on my end. There's been a bit of nonsense happening on my end that I'd like to blog on soon, but I have very little time to do any as of late. Big hugs -walls.

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